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It was a sunny day in France. Ulrich in his tuxedo looked at his watch. "7:30, it's too early." He was in his house with Yumi. They weren't married by they lived together for 2 years. "Ulrich, are you ready?" She said. He peeked out the door to see that she was dressed in a beautiful dark red dress. "You're gorgeous, dear." She blushed. "I hope Aelita's ready." "She'll be ready, she's been ready for anything in her life." Yumi nodded. Then the phone rang. It was Odd. "Hey Odd." "What's up, dude!" "Getting ready for the wedding. You?" "The same thing. Hey Ulrich, Jeremy needs to see you." "Where is he?" "He's in the church." "I'll be there." He hung up. "Who was it?" "It was Odd. Jeremy needs me." Then she prepared a cup of coffee for Ulrich. "I don't know, Jeremy never asked me for help until XANA attacked." "Maybe he wants your advice; you're one of his best friends and his best man." She prepared a cup of coffee for herself. He nodded and sipped some coffee. He could taste the Colombian coffee in his mouth. "Yumi?" "Yes Ulrich?" He looked out the window. "Who's going to take Aelita to the altar, if you know who is dead?" She looked at him. "Maybe Odd, I don't know. But it's sad." "Yeah." He sipped some coffee.
At Aelita's apartment; "You look gorgeous darling!" Mrs. Ishiyama said. "I don't know if the dress is right…" "…of course it is, sweetie. Now let me call Yumi." She called her up. "Hello Yumi." "Hello mom." "Are you busy?" "That depends on what." "Can you come over here?" "Yes I can, let me talk to Ulrich." Her voice sounded far away from the phone's speaker.  "Mom, I'll be there in 5 minutes." "Good, remember that you're the maid of honor." "I won't!" She hung up. Mrs. Ishiyama nodded. "Good, I was getting nervous." Then Aelita looked at the mirror. "Well, I'll come back later. Hold on for just some minutes." Then she left. Aelita looked at the mirror. "Mrs. Belpois, Aelita Belpois." Then she closed her eyes and had a flash back. It was the time that Jeremy virtualized her on Earth. "Oh sweetheart, let's continue on the makeup." She came back. "Oh…ok!" Then Yumi arrived. "Hey there Aelita." She looked back and waved at her. "Ready for your wedding?" "I can't believe it's my wedding but…yeah, I'll ready." Then Yumi took something out of her bag. It was a picture. "Are those your parents?" She nodded. "I remember that day…I was the happiest woman on Earth!"
Jeremy was fixing his bowtie. "No, it's not like that!" He struggle with Odd to fix it. "Man, if Ulrich doesn't come your bowtie has to go!" "And I'm on time!" They looked back. "Hey man, glad you made it." He stretched his hand to Ulrich. Jeremy did the same. "Looks like I'm what she has left…huh?" They nodded. Then he sat in front of the mirror. "Some much adventures and it still hasn't begun." "I know, I haven't found a girl yet!" Odd yelled. Ulrich and Jeremy cracked into laughter. "Ulrich, can you…" "…got it." He fixed his bowtie. "There, now you're ready." "I know." He looked at Odd. "Please don't mess this up Odd. Please don't." "No sweat Einstein!" Then he looked at a vase. It had pink roses. 'Aelita.' He thought. Then he closed his eyes. His flashback was the night he'd managed to virtualize Aelita on Earth. "I won't let you down!" He cried. "Oh, Alright Odd. Just help her on this day on particular."  He nodded. Ulrich was thinking about something and remembered. "Your father dropped these 2 days ago." He gave him some gauntlets for his tuxedo. "He said it was a family tradition. He couldn't drop by your house to drop these instead he passed them to me so I could give them to you." Then he reached for a white rose. "This is a German tradition. It's for good luck." He placed the rose in his up front pocket. He looked at the rose. Then he hugged them both. "Thanks guys!" They patted his back.
Aelita was ready for the wedding. She looked herself in the mirror. "I'll be downstairs if you need me." Mrs. Ishiyama said. "Thank you, Mrs. Ishiyama." "I was nothing!" Then she headed downstairs. She closed the door and Yumi entered the room. "It's too bad my father wasn't here to see this." Then she placed her hand on her shoulder. "He would have been very proud of you." Then Yumi reached for her cellphone and called Ulrich. "Hey Ulrich it's me." "Hey Yumi." "Is that you Odd?" "Yeah, it's me." "Can I speak to Ulrich?" "Sorry, he's squeezing a lemon." "What do you mean by that?!" "It's one of the strange marriage superstitions. Oh wait…here you go." "Ulrich?" "Hey Ulrich, sorry but Odd was just messing with you." "Any way, you guys ready?" "Yeah, is she ready?" "She is." "See you at the wedding." "Like wise!" She hung up. Aelita looked out the window. She saw the Eiffel Tower. "Ready?" Yumi asked. She turned back and nodded. She helped her down the stairs and into the limo. "Mom, can you help me with the dress?" "Oh, yes. Hold on!" Then she rushed to help Yumi placing the dress in the limo. "Ok. Aelita, are you comfortable?" "Yeah, that is if the dress doesn't tie up with my shoes." Then Yumi's mom and Yumi got in the limo. "Driver, to the church please." "Yes, Ms. Ishiyama." They were heading for the church.
Odd and Ulrich were headed for the church. They were standing in front of it. "My god!" Odd said. "Notre Dame! They're getting married in Notre Dame!" "Odd, get a girl and Yumi's dad can help you find the time to get married in this church." "Speaking of marriage, when are you going to propose to Yumi?" He blushed. "It's been 2 years and you haven't asked her hand in holy marriage!?" "Odd, it's not that simple!" Then the guest started to arrive. "Where's my mom? She was supposed to help us arrange the guests." Jeremy said as her climbed the stairs. "Better not be out here, Jeremy." Ulrich said. "Yeah, or bad luck for the rest of your marriage." "It's not a superstition! It's just to keep the grooms away from the brides until they are at the altar." Then Jeremy headed inside the church. "Where are you going?" "I see if I can arrange the guest for a while. Keep Aelita outside until I say so." "Yes sir!" They greeted him in a military fashion. Then Jeremy disappeared in the church. "Hey guys!" They turned around to see it was William. "Hey Will!" Ulrich said. "William my man!" Odd greeted him. "So, it's Jeremy and Aelita's wedding, huh?" "Yeah. Jeremy's become a lot more hysterical than my mother and father together." Then Odd said. "Yeah, can you believe it?" He lifted his shoulders. "Well, he defended her from our 'trusted friend'." They nodded.
In the limo; they were about 10 minutes from Notre Dame. Aelita just lost her sight out the window. Yumi kept gossiping with her mother. Aelita closed her eyes again. She was in another flashback. The time where Ulrich forgot Yumi's birthday. Jeremy promised her a birthdate but never told her, not even today, her wedding day. "Aelita…Aelita!" She snapped out of her flashback. It was Yumi. "Are you having flashback?" "Yes." She nodded. "We've arrived!" She looked out the door. She had arrived at Notre Dame. "Help me out of her, please." Then her friend helped her out. Ulrich, Odd, and William were outside at the time. "Hello Princess." They bowed. "Hey guys." "You look gorgeous." They complimented. "Let's head inside." Yumi helped her get in. They guys stayed outside for a minute. "He's one lucky guy!" Odd yelled. Ulrich hit him with his elbow. "Don't blow this Odd, let's go."
The people in their seats started to talk about the couple. Some agreed, others doubted about it. In the crowd were Michael Belpois and Mrs. Belpois. "I can't believe that this day has come!" She said to her husband. "And she's a nice girl, I'm happy for him." Then he looked at Jeremy at the altar. "She's 21, right?" "Yes and he's 22." Then Patrick, Jeremy's cousin say behind them. "Hey Patrick!" "Hey Uncle!" Then they looked at Jeremy. "He looks pretty nervous." "It's his wedding. How's Julie?" "She's fine." Patrick was looking around. "It's a pretty big crowd out here." "It is." Then Odd sat near them, about 2 rows behind. Michael saw him. "Hello Odd." He waved at him. Patrick looked at him. "Odd, long time no see!" He stretched out his hand. "I can't believe my cousin is getting married!" "Yeah, me neither but hey, I'm happy about it." He nodded. "He's going to marry Aelita, right?" He nodded. Then they saw Yumi come in. "The bride's here." "How did you know?" Michael asked. "Yumi's the maid of honor." He nodded. Mrs. Belpois looked at her. "She's so nice." "Yeah, she's like a sister to me."
At the other side of seats; William sat down in the second row. The seats were filling in. Then Jim appeared and sat behind him. "Hello William." He turned around. "Oh, Mr. Morales, good to see you!" He shook his hand. "Call me Jimbo." "So Jimbo, are you still working at the Kadic?" "Still as the Physical Education teacher and campus supervisor." Then Williams parents arrived. "Jimbo, these are my parents." "I see." He stretched his hand out to them both. "I've met them before when you were acting strange." He laughed but it almost sounded nervous. "I was just having fun but I stopped." Then Mr. Dunbar looked at him. "This is your friend's wedding, correct?" He nodded. Then he looked around and saw Yumi. "Is that Yumi over there?" William looked at the altar. "Yes she is." "Weren't you in love with her?" He blushed and looked at him. "Can we discuss about this later, she's the maid of honor." He nodded and laughed. Yumi heard the laughing and saw William. She waved at him, he did the same.
People started to stand up. Aelita was at the end of the hall. Jeremy looked back to see her. He smiled at her. She did the same and blushed. Yumi and Ulrich were looking at Odd. Odd was looking around. Most of the people at the Kadic looked at him. 'They invited everyone from school! Oh man!' Then they reached the altar. Jeremy shook hands with Odd and said. "Good luck buddy!" "Thank you for not messing this up." He nodded and sat in the first row. The priest looked at the couple. "We are gathered her today to unite this couple in holy fraternity." Aelita looked at Jeremy. The ceremony proceeded until the rings were given. The ring boy gave the priest the pillow. He grabbed it and untied the knot. He gave Jeremy his ring.
Jeremy proceeded to place the ring on Aelita's finger. "Repeat after me." The priest commanded. "I Jeremy Belpois…" "I Jeremy Belpois…" "Take you, Aelita Stones…" "Take you, Aelita Stones…" "As my bride…" "As my bride…" "In sickness and health…" "In sickness and health…" "In good and bad times…" "In good and bad times…" "Until God takes our lives away." "Until God takes our lives away." Then the priest gave Aelita her ring. She placed it on Jeremy's finger. "Repeat after me. I Aelita Stones…" "I Aelita Stones…" "Take you, Jeremy Belpois…" "Take you, Jeremy Belpois…" "As my husband…" "As my husband…" "In sickness and health…" "In sickness and health…" "In good and bad times…" "In good and bad times…" "Until God tales our lives away." "Until God takes our lives away." Odd, Yumi and Ulrich looked at them. "Hey they go." He whispered. "Jeremy Belpois, do you take Aelita Stones as your wife?" He looked at her. "I do." Then the priest looked at Aelita. "Aelita Stones, do you take Jeremy Belpois as your husband?" She looked at him and nodded. "I do." Then the priest continued. "Then by the power granted in me, I pronounce this couple husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." He nodded and lifted her veil. Then he gave her a kiss.  "Masaltov!" He whispered. "Ups, wrong wedding." They all clapped.
I made this today in about...30 minutes. Enjoy!!!
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cute! kinda sped read, though. I'll fully read it later. I'm on a tight schedule.
CL 4evur!
JeremyX2000 Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Student Writer
Just now finished it! Luv it! What does "masaltov" mean by the way?
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it means congratulations in Hebrew or something like that.
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